Disposition Options

Some families have already decided on a method of disposition but many need time to think about their available options. Contact us at 289-2848 for any questions.
Burial:  Most cemeteries allow you to bury cremated remains on an existing family grave.  If a burial already exists on that grave…many cemeteries charge a 2nd rite of interment. This means you are required to repurchase the grave at the cemetery’s discretionary fee. Southlawn does not charge a second right of interment and allows two cremations on one grave.
Scattering: Scattering cremated remains is permissible. Cremated remains are not hazardous and we can help families with this service for a fee, dependent on the request. Many families have a special or favorite spot that their loved one frequented and many times, take care of their own scattering.
Mementos:  Some families choose to keep a small portion of the cremated remains as a memento and then bury, scatter or entomb the balance. For this reason, jewelry and keepsake urns have become popular. Sample urns and jewelry can be seen online under the heading of “merchandise” or can be viewed and purchased at any of the Palmer Funeral Homes. 
Entombment: Many cemeteries have walls which contain “niches”. Niches usually have room for one or two sets of cremated remains. Just like burial, prices vary and it pays to compare. Southlawn provides affordable niches that allow two sets of cremated remains and are constructed of granite.
If you have chosen burial for disposition, preserving the memory of a loved one is important to every family. We make the process of choosing the right memorial a positive experience and convenient for you. If you are purchasing a monument or marker please contact: Kristi Palmer for a brochure at 292-5923.  
Brochures are free and comparison pricing is essential when purchasing a memorial.

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